Other works include Cape Cod ABCs

 "Cape  Cod ABCs" was written by Leslie Hatton and illustrated by Kate Walls.   Each letter describes the unique beauty of the Cape.   

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Cape Cod Bear

Not long ago, in this very place, a young black bear came for a visit. No one ever discovered his real name ( the one his mom called him), but here on Cape Cod he is known as Barney the Cape Cod Bear. Barney was spotted in Plymouth before sightings were reported all the way to Provincetown. This was very surprising because no one had ever seen a black bear on Cape Cod! How did he get here and why did he come? No one knows for sure. 

We think it may have happened like this...

Cape Cod Bear Goes to Boston

Barney's mom didn't know her cub was the Cape Cod Bear. She didn't know that he was a famous bear.

She only knew that he was a wandering bear.